About Me


Hi, I am THANDI CHIRWA. Welcome to my official personal website. Here you can find information on my digital media projects, research work and storytelling presentations. My goal is to bring you quality TV interviews, Publication, Event Hosting, Charitable Community Service and other scholarly activities. Apart from this official website, you can also connect and interact with me on Social Media Channels. Thank you for taking your precious time to support me by visiting my site.

Thandi Chirwa


My Vision is to encourage the youth attain their dreams as early as possible using technology as foundation.


My Mission is to empower young women to believe in themselves by being innovative and prepare to be future leaders.



I believe that people are not only connected through family and social groups but also through powerful stories we share in our daily lives. Therefore, media plays a big role in keeping us informed with our unique differences which bind us together as a community. Each member of the society is an integral part of the whole wide world.


l am committed to expanding equity and society justice advocacy by leveraging on my digital media platform. I promote diversity and inclusion from children to adults,  by highlighting ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives of different cultural heritage.


My platform is to provide positive media as much as possible beyond barriers and share information, while also clarifying my independent opinions and intentions.


I believe in Me, You and Us. The confidence in those around us, empower all of us to make decisions to own our on failures and achievement shaped up by our very being. If we own our actions and will do it right the first time, we may never have to fix anything.


I make choices to interview and feature stories without fear or favor but rather honor my values to enhance personal and community development.


Every day we do all we can to take us a step closer to achieving our goals. I am dedicated to doing my part and help the next person to the best of my abilities.When covering stories, l give people an opportunity to sharing their opinions and thought perspectives.


Thandi Chirwa behind scenes